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VIDEO: How to play as a striker

Shoot low 

Always keep your head over the ball and make sure you aim for the corners. It’s the hardest place for the goalkeeper to get down to. A tip I’d go for when shooting across goal is to aim two or three yards inside the post – don’t aim for the bottom corner exactly. If you make a slight mistake when striking the ball it will still go in. 

Be aware

Awareness is massive; it gives you the time to bring other team-mates into play but it also gives you that ability to know where the ball is going to drop and you’ll be a step ahead of everyone else on the pitch. You should always know where your striker partner is and other following midfielders. They’re ultimately the players who will feed you the ball. 


Lose your marker

One thing to remember when you’re a striker is to always move towards or away from the defender to shift him. Sometimes you may have to use your body and give them a shove or a push because that’s what they’ll do to you. That one-yard may allow you to get your shot off.

Perfect your first touch

When you have a good first touch in the box it gives you that split second that you need to get a shot away. When you have a bad first touch it will enable the defender to get back and get a tackle in. But if your first touch is good, your strike will be good.


Stay composed

The most important thing is to stay composed when you’re in the box because it might be the one chance you get in a game.  You have to stay composed, concentrate on what you’re doing and put into place what you practice in training. It’s all about practice.


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