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Sergio Aguero: Keep your composure in front of goal

“I often lose my composure in front of goal. How can I make sure I always hit the target?”
James Gonzalez, via Facebook

Sergio Aguero says:

“First and foremost, shoot hard and true. I always look to put it low or high, not in the middle, which will only help the keeper.

If your shot is low and powerful it’s difficult for the keeper to get down and save it. If it’s high, it’s out of his reach and he needs the agility to get off the ground to throw his body towards the ball.

Obviously you’re looking for the corners, too. I aim for just inside the post. It’s not enough to think that all you have to do is hit the target – the modern striker must do more. Also, I try to hit the post that’s furthest away from the keeper, because then he has a greater distance to cover.

If it’s on, take your shot early. This will surprise the keeper and the defenders. The keeper won’t have time to set himself and by the time he’s realised you’re shooting he’ll already be on the back foot, scrambling to react.

It sounds obvious, but you can’t underestimate the important of practice. You have to put in the work on the training ground.”

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