How to improve shooting accuracy

Introduce this drill to your training sessions and you'll be shooting with deadly accuracy come game day, says Nottingham Forest first team coach, Jimmy Gilligan

Mark out a shooting zone of 5 x 5 yards just inside the area, in line with the penalty spot. Select a shooter to stand in the shooting zone and two servers either side of the goal, each with a supply of balls. Divide the goal into three sections using two poles.

On the coach’s command, one of the servers plays the ball into the feet of the shooter, who has three touches to bring it under control and shoot. The player gets two points for scoring at the nearest post to their shooting position, one for the centre and three for the far post. Progress the drill by chipping the balls into the shooter so they have to either bring it down and strike or hit a first-time volley.

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The drill’s scoring system challenges players to focus on accuracy. This drill will train them to control the ball and pick their spot.

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