ISI Photos-John Dorton
8 January 2018
A teen phenom and longtime U.S. youth player looks headed for El Tri, despite always wanting to play for the United States.
29 December 2017
It was a disappointing year for the USMNT, but there were still strandout individual performances for club and country.
28 December 2017
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27 December 2017
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26 December 2017
Missed 50-41 on the countdown? Click here to go back. Click here to see the entire countdown.
26 December 2017
Our countdown kicks off with a mix of mainstays and newcomers. 
26 December 2017
One thing is for sure: These rankings look a lot different than our 2016 rankings.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
20 December 2017
U.S. Soccer named the eight official candidates running for presidential election in 2018. Get to know them here.
15 December 2017
Midfielder Christian Pulisic was named the 2017 U.S. Soccer Male Player of the Year.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
12 December 2017
Even at MLS Cup, the focus remained off the field as incumbents and hopefuls all held court.


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