Footballers remember Thatcher: "A lunatic", "always up to no good"

Footballers recall a single-minded but divisive figure who was never far from the headlines...

Michael Johnson July 2007
"Thatcher - gone now but was really funny, always up to no good"

Stephen Ireland January 2006
"Thatcher is a a screw loose or something!"

Bradley Wright-Phillips August 2005
"Thatcher's just crazy. I won't go into detail but you have to keep on eye on Thatch at all times"

Micah Richards April 2006
"Recently I was wearing Calvin Classics -“ Thatcher didn't approve, so picked me up and ripped my boxers. I had to go home without any. It was actually hilarious at the time"

Rohan Ricketts November 2002
"At a hotel in Bournemouth I saw Thatcher launch a two-footed tackle on this huge plant pot. Smashed it to pieces, then casually reported the breakage to the receptionist"