Quotes: England, USA, Slovenia, Algeria

Reaction from Group C teams England, United States, Algeria and Slovenia following the draw for the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa made in Cape Town on Friday: ENGLAND COACH FABIO CAPELLO

"I think it is one of the most balanced groups. Algeria have beaten Egypt so they are a dangerous side. I remember there have been groups that looked easy but then became really complicated," he told Sky Italia.

"You might say the group looks easy on paper but believe me there are no easy matches in the World Cup and we will take no one for granted.

"It is too early to talk about how we will handle the opposition but we will watch them all and will know what to do when the time comes." UNITED STATES COACH BOB BRADLEY

"It will be interesting to come up against (England and Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder) David Beckham. He has brought the spotlight on to the game in the United States and has been tremendous. I think he has helped our game grow," he told reporters.

"We learnt a lot about South Africa playing in the Confederations Cup (this year), about the altitude, the weather, these are big plusses for us.

"There could not be a bigger game for these players than to open up against England." UNITED STATES FORWARD LANDON DONOVAN

"I can't believe it, I got to text him," he told reporters over the potential clash with Galaxy team-mate Beckham.

"It's a great match-up. It's going to be really exciting." SLOVENIA COACH MATJAZ KEK

"As far as I am concerned this is one of the toughest draws we could have had. England are very strong opponents and the other teams will not be easy either," he told reporters. SLOVENIA STRIKER MILIVOJE NOVAKOVIC

"We got a good group. The first match (with Algeria) will be the most important and will determine our future," he told TV Slovenia.

"These are opponents we can beat. England is a favourite but it is positive we play them last and that our fate will be determined before that." ALGERIA COACH RABAH SAADANE

"I think it's a difficult group. It's got teams with lots of experience who have big coaches like Mr Capello at England," he told reporters.

"USA are equally a big team, they've already confirmed that at the Confederations Cup by getting to the final against Brazil and by beating Spain.

"It's a group that gives England and the USA an advantage."

"I think England are now a team that can go far in the World Cup because they've always had individual quality but now they've got vigour thanks to Italian Capello."