United States Women

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
24 February 2017
The goalkeeper position has evolved; we all know that. The United States' best walk us through how and why.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
22 February 2017
With only 21 caps between the entire group of prospects, replacing Hope Solo will take some time.
16 February 2017
U.S. Soccer's latest hire explains why the new academy system is so important.
16 February 2017
Alex Morgan: Olympique Lyon star or five-star chef?
16 February 2017
The two-time FIFA Player of the Year picked fit over money, with Champions League and NWSL commitments also factoring into her decision.
15 February 2017
You've seen England's. You've seen Portugal's. Now, you see the United States'...and you're probably confused.
10 February 2017
The lack of opportunities and access are barriers, explaining why so few women could claim spots in FourFourTwo's Most Powerful People in U.S. soccer countdown.
9 February 2017
Mirror, mirror, on the wall: Who's the most powerful of them all?
9 February 2017
It's time to get to the real power players...
8 February 2017
It's officially past the halfway point on our countdown of the 31 most powerful people in soccer in the United States. Missed anything? Catch up here.


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