Paolo di Canio Sunderland
9 October 2019
England's top flight can be an unforgiving place – but spare a thought for the once highly-rated managers who came, saw and rarely conquered 
Wayne Rooney
9 October 2019
Sixty-one players have reached a half-century of goals for one Premier League team. One man has done it for two...
Tottenham Hotspur Bayern Munich
2 October 2019
Cheer up, Tottenham – you’re not the first ones to have an embarrassing night in Europe...
Wenger Fergie
30 September 2019
We romanticise Fergie vs Wenger for a reason; two men who disliked and respected each other in equal measure, in charge of the Premier League's best sides of their era. But who else makes an all-time list like this?  
Thierry Henry Golden Boot
27 September 2019
Three players shared it in 2018/19 – but here we're looking for more than just the men with the shiny shoe from Premier League history
Tottenham 9-1 Wigan
26 September 2019
After Manchester City tore Watford apart last weekend, Sam May scurried to the record books for these all-time biggest tonkings
Harry Kane Leicester record vs
21 September 2019
Kane still manages to torment Leicester while falling over like a drunk bloke stumbling out of a pub. Much like these nemeses... 
Marouane Fellaini fouls
13 September 2019
It’s a list of the English top flight’s serial shin crunchers...


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