23 signs you're a real Tottenham fan

Teemu Tainio

Those little things that grate and elate every true Tottenham Hotspur supporter, courtesy of FFT's James Maw

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1) You can name the first club to win the Double in the 20th century, the first British club to win a European trophy, and the only club to win the FA Cup as a non-league side – BECAUSE SHUT UP THESE ARE ALL REAL RECORDS THAT MEAN SOMETHING!

2) "It wasn't a fairy tale. Stop calling it a fairy tale. Also, Arsenal were top in January, so who really blew the title...?"

3) At one point in your life you've looked at a teamsheet and said: "Yes, we have Bale and Modric, but we're nothing without Wilson Palacios."

4) You could never be mad at Roberto Soldado because you’d seen Grzegorz Rasiak in that cup game at Leicester.

5) You spend the last two weeks of every January and August desperately waiting for the latest update from The Goat, despite deep down knowing he and all his ITK chums are nothing more than feckless bullplop peddlers. 

6) You miss hearing the Paxton Road burger guy shout the phrases ‘Alright colonel?’, ‘Want some onions?’ and ‘Look at thaaaat’ seemingly at random.