Adidas Predator football boots: Where to get every version of the iconic boots

Adidas Predator football boots
(Image credit: Adidas)

The Adidas Predator football boots are woven into the very fabric of the sport. They're as iconic as the Hand of God, as Ronaldo's 2002 fringe or Martin Tyler screaming Sergio Aguero's name into the void. 

And over the years, Adidas have given us plenty of iterations on the classic model. They were created in the mid-90s with the MO of giving modern players rubber zones with which to smack the ball. They've evolved into high-tech gamechangers. 

Whether you're David Beckham or you play five-a-side of the evening, the Preds are still king – and they're still as brilliant as they ever were. 

1. Adidas Predator Edge+

The current Adidas Predator boots are these Edge+ editions, which draw inspiration from the classic LZ boots of yesteryear (more on them later). The first made available were the blue/coral ones, with the black version dropping before Adidas released those beautiful purple-coloured boots in homage to the Champions League branding.

Are they the best Predators ever? Well, they're the most technologically impressive. There are four separate zones with which to use depending on how your foot connects with the ball: they've come a long, long way since the Mania. 

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2. Adidas Predator Edge Lethal Zones+

Adidas Predator football boots

(Image credit: Adidas)

RRP: £230
Colour: Solar Pink / Core Black / Cloud White

The latest Adidas predators draw heavily on the old LZ boots from 2012 that David Beckham wore during his time at LA Galaxy. This new Edge update is sleeker, of course, but with this 'Lethal Zones' edition, Adidas have recreated the classic colour combination that Becks himself donned. 

Naturally, these are limited edition.

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3. Adidas Predator Edge Crystal+

Adidas Predator football boots

(Image credit: Adidas)

RRP: £300
Colour: Focus Olive / Silver Metallic / Magic Lime

These are possibly the most flash football boots that have ever existed. In a collaboration with Swarowski, Adidas has delivered a crystal-encrusted Predator: and it surely goes without saying that there are limited numbers of these.

These beauties are camouflage-coloured too for extra cool points. Imagine Sir Alex Ferguson's face if one of the Class of 92 had rocked up to training wearing these bad boys…

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4. Adidas Predator Edge Geometric

Adidas Predator football boots

(Image credit: Adidas)

RRP: £180
Colour: Bright Blue / Team Yellow / Solar Red

If Swarovski-covered footwear just isn't loud enough for your liking, we've got great news.

Another limited version of the Edge, these geometric boots are loud and brash without being too in-your-face. We particularly like how the three stripes and the rubber pads just blend into the boot.

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5. Adidas Predator Freak.1

The last pair of Predators are still an absolute triumph. 

The Freak boots are covered all over in spikes to really bring out the "Predator" vibe but they have the comfort of slippers. Reduced in price too, this version is one that still looks fantastic.

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6. Adidas Predator Freak.1 Paul Pogba x Stella McCartney

Adidas Predator football boots

(Image credit: Adidas)

RRP: £180
Colour: Cloud White / Core Black / Signal Orange

Adidas and Stella McCartney have recently collaborated with Arsenal on an exclusive set of training pieces – and this is another limited edition collab involving another A-lister.

Paul Pogba knows a thing or two about Predators and this boot combined him, Stella and Adi for a vegan football boot. Yes, you read that correctly: no kangaroo leather involved with this one. The closest thing to an animal is the leopard print pattern.

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7. Adidas Predator Pulse