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Aston Villa fan gets John Terry tattoo on his backside

When rumours began that former Chelsea captain John Terry could be on his way to the Championship club, Guy Higgins was so unconvinced by what he was hearing that he declared he would get a Terry tattoo on his backside should he join.

Well, Terry was officially announced as an Aston Villa player on Monday, signing a one-year deal in one of the more eye-capturing moves of the summer so far.

But what is even more extraordinary is the tattoo Higgins has followed through with.

With a nod to Villa owner Tony Xia's twitter announcement of Terry as "Captain. Leader. VILLAIN!!!", the ink reads: "John Terry. Captain, Leader, Villan. S.O.T.C."

We'll let you research what that acronym means.

Lionel Messi to Villa? Well, you could use the other buttock, Guy.

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