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Best football boots and trainers for astroturf 2020: top Nike, Adidas and Puma choices for 5-a-side

best astroturf football boots and trainers
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Astroturf football boots? Check. The "cling" sound of a ball hitting a metal fence? Check. That gravelly sound when you slide to make a tackle? Check. Those grazes you get down your knee that sting for hours? Yeah, unfortunately, check. 

Astro football is an experience a world away from grass. It has its advantages: your kit doesn't get quite so muddy and everyone feels a little faster on that kind of surface (even if some of us still couldn't outrun Per Mertesacker).

But astro boots are a must-have for anyone semi-serious about having a kickabout. They're perfect for harder ground, can double up on concrete - unlike your studs - and with the biggest brands in football coming to these 'turf wars with great designs, you'll want to get in on the action.


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1. Nike Phantom Venom Academy Tf Football Shoes

The Phantom is a reliable model from Nike and their standard in 2020

RRP: £75 | Colour: Black/Volt

Great feel
Very stylish
Ideal for passing
A couple of colour combinations

The Phantoms are the Nike boots that Kevin de Bruyne wears. Whilst we can't exactly promise that you'll morph into the strawberry-blonde super-assister in your local five-a-side, it's easy to see why KDB favours Phantom (and not just because he's contracted to).

These boots have a superb feel to them and suit anyone looking to pass or cross right down to the ground. Get whipping those balls in - Kun Aguero's waiting for you.

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2. Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Laceless Astroturf Trainers Football Boots

A slip-on effort from Adidas that takes a little getting used to

RRP: £75 | Colour: Black/gold/white

Slipper-like comfortability
Good colour combination
Adequate grip
Material feels strange

The Adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Laceless Astroturf Trainers follow in a long line. Ever since Adidas launched the F50 boots slap-bang in the middle of the 2000s, commentators have been searching for alternatives for "putting his laces through the ball".

This latest astroturf offering is some of the same. Yes, slip-on shoes are more associated with your grandad than a kickabout with your mates, but if you're looking for comfort, look no further.

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3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Club Tf Football Boots

The astro version of Nike's lightweight, Ronaldo-worn boots

RRP: £48 | Colour: Blue/white

Identical look to the main boots
Ankle cover
Heavier sole than the main boots
Not customisable - unlike some Superfly boots

Nike's Mercurial Superfly range is built for wingers and speedsters alike. The featherweight of the studded boot feels means you can forget that they're even on your feet - but what about the astro version?

Well, the sole is quite a bit heavier. Not that much heavier, but if you're looking for something based purely on the weight, you may be disappointed. Still, these are a top pair of boots and they look fantastic. 

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4. Adidas X 19.4 Tf Football Boots

This durable boot is great for crossing - and it feels textbook Adidas

RRP: £48 | Colour: Cyan/white/black

Side-lacing for putting your foot through the ball
A bit boring, no?

This X 19.4 pair testifies to Adidas turning the football market upside down. They're not the most jazzy boots in the stockroom but they're pure Adidas, through and through. 

Long before the football boot market exploded, Adidas had been making strong, leather-heavy football boots for generations. Since David Beckham turned football footwear into its own fashion criteria though, Adidas haven't scrimped on the substance in favour of the style on this occasion.

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5. Adidas Mundial Tea Football Training Shoes

Proper astro boots for proper players - get stuck in, lad

RRP: £89.99 | Colour: Black (obviously) and white/red

Old school design with stylistic touches
Super comfortable 
Great quality leather
Good grip
Quite heavy

There's nothing that can be said of Adidas Mundials that hasn't already been: an absolute classic in the football world, reminiscent of tournaments your dad still bangs on about as being so much better.

If you're looking to return to the days long before VAR, these are the astro boots for you. A little old school, but that's never a bad thing. 

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6. Puma Future 4.4 Mg Football Boots

Puma's futuristic astros have great grip and traction

RRP: £48 | Colour: Yellow/black, grey/orange

Good fit
Great traction
Modern feel
A lot going on design-wise

The Puma Future 4.4 Mg football boots are incredibly futuristic and modern-looking. Puma aren't everyone's cup of tea design-wise - look at the meltdown when Manchester City's paisley kit landed - but it's impressive how they've positioned themselves alongside Nike and Adidas as one of the world's biggest brands in the last few years. 

It's easy to see why with these boots. Sleek, modern and bright, they're not out of place in the big leagues. 

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7. Mizuno MRL Club Astro Turf Football Boots

Bring it back to the 90s with this classic pair of boots

RRP: £54.99 | Colour: Black/white/red

Soft leather
Classic look and feel
Proper retro boot tongue
A bit too old-school?

The Mizuno MRL Club Astro Turf Football Boots are a different kind of beast.

Miz-who now? We don't really hear much from Mizuno very much these days, but back when Rivaldo was at his pomp, he chose this brand. High praise indeed.

OK, Phantoms, Predators and Pumas have all had time to overtake Mizuno but it's hard to argue with this vintage pair of astros. They look and feel right like they've landed from 1998 - wasn't everything better back then?

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8. PUMA King TOP TT Football Shoe

Puma's answer in the classic style stakes

RRP: £80 | Colour: Black/white/gold

Classic Puma design
Still has a modern feel
Retro tongue
Looks vintage, but doesn't feel it

Puma's King line is arguably their finest. These particular boots transcend the astro; they're cool beyond football.

The best thing about these boots is that they straddle the line between retro and modern: they're not completely from the dark ages - hey, you may want that vintage feel that the Mundials have - but they certainly look like they're from the good old days.

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9. Adidas Messi 16.3 Tf Futsal Shoes

Messi's choice is a colourful crep perfect for both dribbling and passing

RRP: £48 | Colour: Purple/pink

Good traction
Nice design

The Adidas Messi 16.3 Tf Futsal Shoes are very jazzy indeed. If you're looking for some kind of seal of approval for your astro boots, how about one from the greatest footballer that ever lived? 

These are the boots that made Lionel Messi what he is today: able to dribble through defences and break lines with laser-sharp passing. Well... they help, at least.