Best gym balls for home workouts to keep you in shape during lockdown

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Gym balls are a valuable piece of equipment that can help improve stability and coordination, maximize strength and endurance and strengthen core muscles. They can also make training with other pieces of equipment more comfortable or increase the range of movement in a workout involving other tools. 

In short, they are a great all-round tool for strengthening different muscle types. A real gamechanger.

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Trideer Small Gym Ball

A small sized gym ball offering a greater range of exercise and training options

All round tool for strengthening muscles and core strength
Made of soft, low-odor, flexible, durable PVC
Easy to inflate and store
Recommended by physical therapists
30-day returns policy
Simple design

The David Silva of gym balls, finding those little pockets of space of nobody else can. Small gym balls can be used for a different range of exercises, including many leg and arm exercises that are just too cumbersome to perform with a full-size gym ball. It still has all the regular use of its larger cousin, however, and can be comfortably sat on or used in bag and leg exercises. 

Perfect for strengthening muscles in the abdomen, enhancing core strength and improving endurance, flexibility, posture, and balance, this small gym ball is also a useful tool in rehabilitation and repair.

The Trideer range can also be easily deflated and stored, which makes their balls ideal for travel, and the little models also double up as a fake Ballon d’Or when practicing acceptance speeches in the mirror. 

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Rovera Peanut Ball

High-quality PCV material peanut-shaped gym ball for varied workouts

Unique shape
Suitable for yoga as well as gym workouts
Durable and built to last
Puncture proof
Design can make regular gym ball workouts harder

It’s no secret that Giggsy played until the age of 40 thanks to his passion for yoga. Increasingly, stretch workouts are becoming a useful training method for footballers that want to continue playing at a high level well into their twilight years.

The unusual shape of the Rovera Peanut Ball makes it an ideal yoga companion, aside from performing all the duties of a regular gym ball. 

It’s a perfect choice if you are looking for a gym ball for regular exercises but also want to give yoga a try, improve balance and coordination, and train abs, back, glutes and lots of other muscle types.

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Ulikey Exercise Ball

High quality anti-burst PVC exercise ball featuring anti-slip rings

Anti-slip rings ensure safe use
Available in six colours and four sizes
100% money guarantee

If you’re after something a little more normal in shape and size then this is the one for you. In its regular form, the exercise ball is simply a great way to perform stretches, vary your exercises and help with balance, comfort and coordination.

Exercise balls are also fantastic for recovery and therapy, and stretching out those bruised and battered muscles after a match. Jack Wilshere ought to give it a blast, really.

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