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Best weights bench 2021: Improve your upper body strength from home

weights bench
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Weights benches are vital not just for supporting you when you're lifting weights. They also help in targeting the muscles that you're strengthening.

Any gym worth its salt has at least a dozen of these - so if you're going to work out from home, simply using the sofa isn't going to cut the mustard. A weights bench is perfect for a plethora of exercises too.

Weights benches can, therefore, vary in terms of versatility, price, shape and just about everything else. It's important to work out what you want from a bench before you invest in one.

Luckily, we've picked out some of our favourites online to help you. 

What are the best weight benches?

Given that it's hard to know exactly what you're going to use your weight bench for - you might just want it on show to impress the ladies - we've picked the Sportstech Innovative 21in1 weight bench as our number one pick.

With leather and upholstery, this bench has the comfort that you'd expect from a car, but it's also adjustable and capable of assisting for bench presses, push-ups, sit-ups and as a dip station. 

It's pretty well-priced too. It's possible to spend an absolute fortune on a weights bench.

Best weight benches, in order

1. Sportstech Innovative 21in1 weight bench

A strong, versatile and extremely good quality bench

Size: 131x68x86cm | Weight: 170kg | RRP: £119

Weight plate stands
Very versatile
Not hugely comfortable

Weights bench

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The Sportstech Innovative 21in1 weight bench is the James Milner of weights benches. Truly, it is: it's strong, supportive and versatile enough to assist with any of your needs. You can't quite snare it on a free transfer but it's superb value too.

With weight plate stands and water-repellent material too, this bench has features that you didn't even think you needed: similarly to how Milner has assumed penalty duty for Liverpool

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2. JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench

An adaptable, comfortable bench for lifting and abs work

Size: 132x41x28cm | Weight: 16.8kg | RRP: £89.99

Dumbell storage
Foam-covered leg brace
Blue and black colouring looks good

Weights bench

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You don't expect working out to be comfortable, but the JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench feels great on either your back or your front. It's suitable for a number of workouts - especially abs exercises.

The bench comes with a set of resistance bands too, which can be attached to the base. 

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3. SONGSH Adjustable Incline Folding Bench

A simple, affordable starter bench option

Size: 62x36x35cm | Weight: 10.8kg | RRP: £90

Ideal for lower abdominal exercises
Ample padding
Black and red colouring - nice!
Really easy to fold away

Weights bench

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If you're new to the world of weights benches, it's hard to go wrong with the SONGSH Adjustable Incline Folding Bench. It's not only capable of folding away perfectly but it's also ludicrously strong and versatile for a number of exercises.

The bench is also fully adjustable and easy to get to grips with. It's good for beginners, but great too for pros. 

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4. MJ-Fitness Dumbbell bench

A bench with super heavy bearing and capability for all kinds of exercises

Size: 125x45x48cm | Weight: 12kg | RRP: £500

Stupidly strong

Weights bench

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Not only is the MJ Fitness Bench is so strong that it can support your entire five-a-side team standing on it - should you ever want to try - it's surprisingly comfortable for such a beastly piece of equipment.

The MJ Fitness bench is durable and extremely high quality. Though it's one of the more expensive benches out there, it makes up for it by being almost indestructible and capable of assisting with any exercise.

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5. GLKTE HYS Weightlifting Dumbbell Bench

A good-looking bench that also happens to be extremely strong

Size: 106x140x43cm | Weight: 13kg | RRP: £200

Looks great
High-density leather
Accompanying resistance ropes
Only a few adjustment settings

Weights bench

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Curved, strong and elegant, it's easy to see the SONGSH Adjustable Incline Folding Bench as the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium of weights benches (OK, that probably won't catch on).

This bench isn't the most adjustable but when it comes to abdominal exercises, it's hard to beat. Its grips for your ankles and knees make it fantastic for working out on. 

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