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Best phone armband 2021: must-have for tracking your fitness

phone armband
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Looking for a mobile phone armband to make it easier to track your runs? You're in the right place.

Whoever invented the smartphone probably wasn’t a jogger. 

We’ve all been there: trying to run along with your phone in your pocket, jangling away; then what happens if you need to skip a song you’re listening to? Absolute nightmare. No wonder footballers leave their phones in their lockers when they’re out playing.

Phones that track your health add in another hurdle to. How are you going to keep your device about your person and work out how many steps you’ve done?

Luckily armbands come in useful. Not only will they keep your phone safe, they’ll enable you to use them on the go, whether you’re cracking on with 5k on the treadmill or having a kickabout with the lads and you don’t want to leave your possessions unguarded down the dodgy end of the local park.

What are the best phone armbands?

OK, so you’ve decided that you’re going to need a phone armband to stop your device bouncing against your thigh as you run. There are quite a few armbands to pick though.

The Gritin Running Armband for iPhone is our pick of the bunch, whether you’re looking for an armband for the gym or something to go long-distance running for. It’s so comfortable that it’s possible to forget you’re even wearing it: don’t blame us if you start looking to your arm for the time out of habit.

Best phone armbands, in order

Phone armband

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1. Gritin running armband

A supreme phone armband with space to place a key

RRP: £7.99 | Colour: Black

Reflective strip
Nice material

The Gritin running armband is the Jamie Vardy of armbands. It’s tough, reliable, easy to incorporate into your life and frankly, you won’t remember how you survived without it.

It comes with a slot for your key - useful if you use a locker at the gym - and it has a reflective strip too, just in case you want to run at night. It’s perfect for home workouts or exterior runs.

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Phone armband

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2. AmazonBasics running armband

Alexa, pick me out a comfy armband for running

RRP: £4.99 | Colour: Black

Key holder
Adjustable strap
Not the most durable

The AmazonBasics armband is quite possibly the most rudimentary one on the market.

Yes, Amazon put more of their efforts into Alexa and streaming packages for the Premier League than they do into sportswear. But their running armband is a good option if you’re looking for something cheap.

This armband won’t last forever but given how comfortable it is, it’s well worth investing in if you’re looking for something that feels nice against your skin.

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Phone armband

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3. All Things Accessory armband

A customisable, comfortable armband for your phone

RRP: £6.99 | Colour: Black

Long strap
Easily adjustable
Material feels a bit "leathery"

But what about lads with arms the size of Adama Traore? That’s why we picked out the All Things Accessory armband that comes with an extra-long strap. Perfect for Wolves wide-men and big-biceped blokes a-like. 

This particular band is compatible with any phone, has space for your card and a key and it’s available in three sizes. It’s as close as any armband will come to perfect for everyone. 

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Phone armband

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4. Mpow armband

Patterned band that's perfect for a starry night

RRP: £6.99 | Colour: Black

Starry pattern

The Mpow armband boasts adjustability and durability, meaning that you can “flex, twist and bend” while you use it - perfect if you’ve got N’Golo Kante levels of energy.

That star pattern isn’t just for show either: this band is safe for night running as it has reflective strips that glow in the dark. 

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5. VUP Universal Running Armband

Swivel your phone 360 degrees with this nifty band

RRP: £12.99 | Colour: Black

180-degree use
Surprisingly comfortable
Swivel function isn't for everyone 
Costly compared to others

The one issue with having your phone strapped to your arm is having to angle your arm at the right angle to use your phone - not with this VUP Universal Running Armband though.

This swivelling band means that you can have easier access to your phone: or just switch to a landscape view to play Football Manager Mobile while you run. It’s surprisingly comfortable too, and it fits all phones.

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