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"This is the big test": David Ginola previews PSG v Monaco

It’s difficult to say which is the bigger club, because Paris has been a great club, but they have never played a final of the Champions League.


Monaco did, against Porto in 2004. They had a great run, there were some incredible games during that season.


I remember their game against Deportivo, when they won 8-3. Incredible!


Monaco have always been one of the top teams in France, but Paris are growing. Well, I will give you a straight answer; Monaco is not in France anyway and Paris is the capital of France, so I will go for Paris anyway!


PSG dropped some points in the first few games of this season [they drew their first two Ligue 1 matches, away to Montpellier and at home to Ajaccio], but last year they had some up and downs as well.

They lost some games that maybe they shouldn’t have, but they managed to win the league anyway - it was just very late.




We expected Paris to destroy everybody – to walk over all the clubs and be 15-20 points ahead, but it wasn’t the case. Marseille did well to push them, and without the same standard of players and without the same money.

This year it’s even tougher to say who will be holding the trophy at the end. I think Sunday’s game against Monaco will tell us a lot more about the way the season will go.


You have to be tested, and this game is one of the big tests for both teams, especially for Monaco, travelling to Paris. It will be packed; massive atmosphere, not so many Monaco fans, as expected [laughs], but it will be a challenge for both.


If I had to make a prediction, it would be 3-2 to Paris.


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