Diego (Werder Bremen v Alemannia Aachen, 2007)

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Is it too much to ask of 
a Brazilian to score a simple tap-in occasionally? Clearly, for Diego, that would be unacceptable. In 2007, the midfield craftsman scored 
the Bundesliga goal of the season for Werder Bremen as Alemannia Aachen flung their goalkeeper Kristian Nicht upfield for a corner in the dying moments. The ball broke to Diego, who – despite the best efforts of opposition midfielder Matthias Lehmann – nonchalantly made the score 3-1... from 69 yards out.

“Soccer is always about feelings,” Diego tells FFT in 
a rare interview. “You have to be happy and free to play at your best and what happened at that precise moment was 
a consequence of that.

“When we were defending the corner, I saw their keeper 
in our box and knew I had a chance to catch him out. It was a case of everything happening perfectly. My first touch was good, the ball sat up in the right position and I just hit it.

“It all happened very quickly and it took me a few minutes 
to believe it had happened.

“I didn’t know if it was possible, but I trusted myself and believed I could do it. If 
I tried it today, I might need a few goes! It is hard to get power and direction on a shot like that – but they both came together.

“Some people think tricky things like that happen more in training, but it is actually much easier to do them in a match because you are 100 per cent concentrated and so your 
body responds to your mind.

“It was definitely one of the best moments in football for me as it felt so natural and was the consequence of this one idea I had. Who knows if I’ll score one like that again... it’s difficult but not impossible.”

Interview: Titus Chalk. Illustration: German Aczel. From the March 2013 edition of FourFourTwo. Subscribe!