DJ Pep prepares his Coldplay platters

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Most football writers haven’t been within a million miles of a professional sports team - including LLL, aside from four trophy-filled years in Juve’s backline - so when it comes to talking about the game they tend to be packing more baloney than a corpulent New Yorker.

People shouldn’t read, never mind believe, a single word that these attention-seeking simpletons spout. You shouldn’t even be reading this blog, really.

Instead, you should be doing something more worthwhile, like investigating which of the three political parties in the UK elections promising change, real change, or change you can trust should win your deserving support.

LLL, for one, had been pondering what the heckety-heck would happen at the Camp Nou on Wednesday night. But then it remembered it had predicted Barcelona would thrash Inter Milan 3-0 in the first leg, so promptly gave up on the forecasting notion with the swift realisation that it didn’t really have a clue about anything.

Instead, the blog turned its rather paltry brain power into considering what would happen after Wednesday’s Champions League game and how the result-to-come could impact the Spanish title race.

A defeat for Barcelona could either see Pep Guardiola upping the Coldplay ante by whacking a supercharged Viva la Vida (Soulwax Remix) on the CD player, with the instruction that all of Barça’s opponents in la Liga are to be hit with shovels and buried alive - in a footballing sense - to stop Real Madrid from winning the title.

There again, perhaps losing to The Translator could trigger a mental breakdown in the Catalan camp, with the Barcelona dressing room spending the next three weeks listening to The Scientist on repeat play. 

It’s a similar scenario for a Barcelona victory over Mourinho’s men. A Catalan comeback could inspire Barça to four victories from four in la Primera and ensure another trophyless year for Real Madrid.

Or it could just as easily see the charitable Barcelona players handing the league title to their rivals with defeat to Villarreal on Saturday, in the same way one would hand out a soggy slice of sandwich to a sorry-looking swan.

"Trouble? Don't Panic! Everything's Not Lost! We Never Change!"

The pre-match bluster gives no sign as to what is going to happen in the Camp Nou.

Poorly designed T-shirts about skin falling off and inspiring front pages and editorials from the Catalan press have been all the rage this week with Sport calling the Champions League contest “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “The Match of the Century” - happily ignoring last year’s final in the process.  
“The Camp Nou will turn into a pressure wave to push the team through,” predicts the Catalan sports daily, crossing its fingers and hoping that the crowd refrain from booing their own players just for one match.

Mundo Deportivo’s headline on Wednesday has an orgasmic “Yes! Yes! Yes! We will come back!” on the front cover with some poor trainee hack having to do a minute-by-minute report on the day’s events on their t’internet site.

All this fuss and bother has certainly tickled José Mourinho, who has noted Barça’s “obsession” with being in the final at the Bernabeu.

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“I can’t believe that the best club in the world have to go to war or make such a drama about everything. It’s only a game of football,” smirked the Inter manager in response to the nonsense spouted by the likes of Gerard Piqué, who revealed that “we want the Inter players to hate their jobs for 90 minutes.”

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Pep Guardiola, the man caught in the middle of the madness, simply remarked that he “intends to enjoy” the game - with, at his side in case of any eventuality, all of Coldplay’s back catalogue.

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