El World Cup Diario Day 4: The morning after the early morning before

The morning after the night before, and El Diario's World Cup hangover has taken hold. More accurately of course, given that England's game didn't finish until near 1am yesterday morning, it was the morning after the morning before, but that doesn't make any kind of sense. And besides, today is now Monday so it's actually the morning after the morning after the morning before, which is even more confusing. But you hopefully take our point.

However you cut it, on Day Four of the World Cup, we all woke up with a sense of dread. What we hoped had all been a terrible dream brought on by too much booze and too little sleep, turned out to be sadly true. England had been beaten by Italy in their first group game and are now in grave danger of exiting at the earliest opportunity. Ah b*gger. And balls.

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