Even Madridista press praising Messi's demolition of Arsenal

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The reaction of two Madridista maniacs known to LLL in response to Leo Messi’s lightshow at the Camp Nou was understandably less than positive. And more than a little rude even to the blog’s hard-bitten ears.

“The retarded little so-and-so” grumped the particularly vulgar one, accusing Pep’s Dream Boys of being a one-man team.

“We have no flipping chance,” wailed her colleague gazing at the various Messi-themed headlines shouting out from Wednesday’s papers.

The Argentine’s single-handed hanging, drawing and quartering of Arsene Wenger’s latest crazy footballing scheme, on Tuesday night, was so stunning that it has even attracted the front page attentions of AS with the banner noting astutely that “Messi is to be feared.”

"Bow down before me, mere mortal!"

Inside, the match reporter at the Camp Nou expresses the same feelings as pretty much everyone else who saw the game - Gooners aside, perhaps - with the by-line of “Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi!”

Even the considerably more Madrid-barmy Marca chucks out the normal editorial line of jamming their heads in the sand and hoping that Barça go away by asking “how do we stop this guy?”, interrupting their statistics-lead, straw-grasping build-up to Saturday’s “Match of the Millennium” as the readers of the paper have declared in an on-line poll - readers who have a fairly pessimistic view of the next 990 footballing years to come.

But it is in the Catalan capital where the dailies have gone most doolally, with both Mundo Deportivo and Sport choosing the same photograph of a grinning, dishevelled Messi sitting next to the corner flag - “like a pig in sh*t” was one observation - feeling very pleased with himself indeed after his night's work.

“Mega-Messi!” shouts Sport's front page.

Lionel Messi - Pig sh*t not pictured...

“Majestic, lethal, magic, incomparable and divine,” giggles Josep María Casanovas before reaching out for the office tissue box and discovering that it had suddenly become considerably lighter since the start of the Champions League clash.

“Be afraid Madrid!” writes his colleague, José Luis Carazo, claiming that “the victory over Arsenal...has multiplied a hundred-fold, the power, the vigour, the strength, the motivation and the dominance of Barcelona in the Santiago Bernabeu.”

“To the Messi-finals!” is the war cry from Mundo Deportivo with their main man, Santi Nolla, feeling that “it’s not just Barça that depends on Messi, it’s football that depends on Messi.”

For once, LLL can have no argument with anything that Spain’s sports dailies have to say, the morning after the incredible night before.

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