Exit the Moody One... enter the Special One

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Well that didn’t take long. In fact, all of 25 minutes for Roberto Mancini to be given the boot.

Exit the Moody One and enter the Special One who apparently has a good five months of Italian lessons under his belt.

Mancio was summoned to president Massimo Moratti’s elegant city centre residence late on Tuesday afternoon to be informed that his four-year reign was up and the good times were over.

The press were there in numbers anyway as Diego Maradona had popped in for afternoon tea but no doubt that had been a more pleasant experience for one and all.

Diego had long gone when Mancini swaggered in all dapper and pretty relaxed, only to catch everyone on the hop soon after as he left looking like the proverbial condemned man.

Ouch, that short, sharp word in the ear must have cut him to the core.

Mancini: In... sacked... out 

So where did it all go wrong and what lessons should Jose Mourinho take on board?

Well, first of all, don’t go and make the boss look stupid by getting knocked out of the Champions League, telling the world you are off and then going and changing your mind.

It has been a strained relationship at the best of times between the prez and the hired hand, with the prudish Moratti perceiving the 43-year-old as lacking a certain decorum.

“There are a few rough edges he needs to smooth out,” was one flattering assessment of his employee.

While Mancini may have missed out on a proper education he did feel that the head honcho was never the most supportive.

The fallout with team doctor Franco Combi is a case in point.

Mancini and the good doctor are no longer on speaking terms after the coach blamed him for the likes of Patrick Vieira, Dejan Stankovic and lately Zlatan Ibrahimovic spending more time on the treatment table than out on the pitch.

Then there are those troublesome kids: the players. Adriano, Luis Figo, Alvaro Recoba, Hernan Crespo and the aforementioned Vieira and Ibrahimovic have all fallen out with Mancini -  and all of them are big Moratti favourites.

Technical director Marco Branca had a hand in all but Recoba’s signing and that relationship hit the skids when the former Middlesbrough striker green-lighted the signing of Maniche in January.   

So, allies were few and far between within what is a very conservative club.

Of course, there was the number two and the personal enforcer Sinisa Mihajlovic along with Dejan Stankovic, Julio Cesar, Cristian Chivu and Luis Jiminez who all backed Mancini at every turn but his blue-eyed boys didn’t hold sway with Moratti.

Grudges, personal agendas and intrigue are all part of life at Inter so Mr. Mourinho will have his work cut out picking his way through that little labyrinth.

Jose swots up on his Italian: "Which way is it to the cinema?"