Juventus successfully get Romania's Juventus Bucharest to create a new identity

Juventus Bucharest will be known as FC Colentina after being asked by the Serie A club to rethink their branding.

The Romanian club, who play in the nation's top tier, have been known as Juventus ever since they were founded in 1992. But the Turin-based club have had enough of them being so similar to one another.

The only difference between their crests was the colour and Juventus Bucharest have a knight instead of a bull - the symbol of Turin.

Of course, Juventus changed their badge at the start of the 2017/18 season. However, that hasn't stopped the Italian champions from wanting complete control over their designs.

Therefore FC Colentina, who will play under that new name next season, will also have to construct a new logo.

The video below is a wonderful piece of their recent history.


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