Racing bouncing to bankruptcy?

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To say it has been a pretty bad couple of weeks for Racing Club is like saying the year 1939 was a bit of a bummer for international peace.

Without so much as a win in weeks, the fans of Racing, marched to the AFA headquarters asking for the resignation of the company that runs the club, Blanquiceleste (after their blue and white colours) to hand over their tenure and call election.

And today, the daily newspaper Olé reported that in the last two months their cheques have been bouncing around more than goals in the teams net. A total of AR$1.5m (£250,000) has bounced, leading the former coach Reinaldo Merlo to call for Blanquiceleste to declare bankruptcy. He himself walked out of the club at the end of last year because he wasn't paid. They finally came to an out of court agreement. If they do declare bankruptcy, the only owners of the team are the members. Something, it seems, everyone wants.

But, as all football fans know, the team come first, and Racing fans still fill the stadiums, to watch their poor performances. As the title of this You Tube video says: Maybe now you'll understand what we feel.