River come to life, but the barra brava are disgruntled

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Trust River to wait until a big one to start winning. Disciplined, practical and no longer running around like kids in an Easter egg hunt, Simeone's team thoroughly overcame their past problems, by beating San Lorenzo 2-0, who certainly haven't overcome their problems.

In fact their problems have got worse, Andrés 'I'm no saviour' D'Alessandro limped off to the boos of a very disgruntled barra brava (not the sort of people you want to go disgruntling). A header from Falcao Garcia and a second half goal from Abelairas. And to see the welcome they got here.

Boca's goals continue earning headlines especially as Palermo gets near to the feted 180 record for goals with Maradona's favourite team. The wunderkid scored two against San Martin de San Juan on another scorching afternoon. There is only one more goal to go and the bookies money is on it being in their next game against Gimnasia de La Plata.

And other results:

Estudiantes 5 – 2 Newell's
Friday's incredible game saw seven goals, five from Veron's side, impressive considering Newell's great start to the season. So frustrating coach Caruso was expelled to the terrace at half time, leading to quite a reaction from the middle of the barra brava and sell out crowd.

Lanús 5 – 1 Colon
Another golaazo...

Racing 0 – 0 Gimnasia de Jujuy
...unlike at this game between probably the two most lacklustre teams in the primera right now.

Argentinos 2 – 0 Gimnasia de La Plata
Gimnasia, who haven't won any games yet, will be dreading Boca visit next weekend, coming out of a defeat to face Palermo's magic boot.

Tigre 1 – 2 Huracán
Huracán player Poggi asked to play on against Tigre despite the death of his brother in a road accident last week. Fans offered their support by singing 'Ole Ole Ole Piggo' throughout the game.

Vélez 3 – 0 Banfield

Central 2 – 0 Independiente

Arsenal 1 – 0 Olimpo