Roque Santa Cruz: Ask A Silly Question

Hi Roque. Surreally, we’re doing this interview in the Rovers Return on Coronation Street. Be honest: have you ever sat through a whole depressing episode of Corrie
Hi. I’ve never seen it. I’m learning a bit more about it today. But every dressing room I’ve ever been in, they talk about Coronation Street and what’s happening. Micah Richards and Shay Given were always on about it.

You’ve seen the actual street now, so tell us: if you weren’t a footballer, would you rather work in The Kabin as a newsagent, at Websters Auto Centre as a mechanic or at Audrey’s Salon, doing the old ladies’ hair?
Er... I think The Kabin. I’m not so good with my hands, cutting people’s hair or fixing stuff. Maybe I would be a good newsagent.

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Nick Moore

Nick Moore is a freelance journalist based on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. He wrote his first FourFourTwo feature in 2001 about Gerard Houllier's cup-treble-winning Liverpool side, and has continued to ink his witty words for the mag ever since. Nick has produced FFT's 'Ask A Silly Question' interview for 16 years, once getting Peter Crouch to confess that he dreams about being a dwarf.