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Self-titled "chubby Harry Kane" is becoming very popular on social media

The 28-year-old binman calls himself "Chubby Harry Kane" on Twitter and takes the compliments and abuse that comes with having virtually the same face in his stride.

Foden told the Evening Gazette: "People would say ‘you don’t half look like...’ and I’d finish it for them with ‘yes, I know, Harry Kane!’

"And the more famous he got, the more it happened. But it’s just a bit of a laugh. I’m not impersonating him. I just look like his fatter, older brother."

Just like the Tottenham striker's rapid rise to stardom, Foden is having to deal with the pressures of his new-found fame - and he's loving it.

He added: "It’s strange how it’s taken off. I’ve been asked to do a podcast, I’ve been asked if a website could film my facial reactions to Spurs games and I’ve been approached to play in a five-a-side lookalike tournament - it’s gone a bit crazy to be honest.

“There’s been a bit of negative stuff but it doesn’t bother me. I just think it’s sad if people want to comment like that."

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