Is Sepp Blatter for Real?

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So, Sepp Blatter thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo is a slave and – more importantly – that Manchester United should stop flipping well whinging and let him go and join Real Madrid.
Which poses a question:
Is this the same Sepp Blatter who is an honorary member of Real Madrid?
Who was presented with the club’s gold and diamond award?
Who embraced Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón with a great big manly bear-hug? (And that was in public; God only knows what they got up to behind closed doors)
Who described Real Madrid as “more than a club.”

"Who do I support? I support football in general, of course"

Who almost cried as he told how he used to love watching Alfredo Di Stéfano as a kid, at a time when Madrid were lording it over Europe?
Who admitted that as a boy he was a Real Madrid fan (As a boy?! As a bloody boy?!)
Who revealed that he made his local team in Switzerland wear white in honour of Real Madrid?

Who could never blame Ronaldo for wanting to go to Madrid, even though United are European Champions and Madrid can’t even get past the first knockout stage these days?

Because he agrees that, as one author who really should have known better embarrassingly put it, Madrid is “a safe, magical place, a football heaven where they played football like angles and everybody wore white.”
The same Sepp Blatter who is FIFA president?
It is? Hmm. So, Sir Alex, just how surprised are you that FIFA threw out your official complaint?