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The best football goals for your garden and training

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Jumpers for goalposts? Not any more, grandad! With these affordable, sturdy and easy to move goals, you have no excuse not to give your football practice that extra bit of authenticity. 

Because nothing looks as good as a shot dipping in off the crossbar...and you don't get that with jumpers. 

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Samba Fun Goal

The original portable goals

Trusted brand
Used by pro clubs, schools and academies
Essential locking system keeps the goal sturdy and upright
Comes as a complete set including nets
Goal size 8ft x 6ft
A little on the pricier end of the scale

Mosey on down to any local kids 5-aside tournament and you'll be sure to find plenty off these bad boys kicking about. Samba are the market leader when it comes to small sided goals and have been for generations. 

They may be a little on the pricier side but they are sturdier and more durable than any other portable goal on the market and will last you season after season. Perfect size for the garden, park, school field or sports hall. 

A sensible, trusted choice - like Roy Hodgson at a relegation-threatened club in London. 

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Forza Football Goal with Target

Take your shooting game to the next level

Ten football goal sizes to choose from
Made of durable powder-coated steel 
Can be left outside in the garden
Perfect for all ages
Removable target practice rebounder net

This product goes one further by offering a game-option: how many goals can you score in two minutes? How many times in a row can you hit the top right corner?

If trying to beat an annoying younger brother/dad/uncle/sister/mate doesn't improve your game then it's a scientific fact that nothing will. Plus, you can play without a goalkeeper by yourself without it being too easy to score. 

The removable target net also means you can use this like a normal goal and simply enjoy a kick about. 

An excellent product for you back garden or training pitch.

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PodiuMax Pop-up Football Goals

Portable pop-up mini goals to add variety to your shooting drills

Easily set up and folded away with a simple twist in seconds
Made with fiberglass rods so very durable
Reflective edges make training possible in low light
Comes with carry bag and additional cones
Free exchange/refund within 45 days after purchase for no reason

Want to add greater variety and skill levels to your training sessions? These are the perfect goals for you. The small size means they are harder to hit, plus the simply twist design means you don't have to waste time setting things up - get going in seconds!

Play long into the evening thanks to the reflective edges. Training doesn't have to stop just because the sun's gone down. 

The bundle comes with stakes, so they goals won't fly away when you ping a ball harder than Steven Gerrard in the 2006 FA Cup final. Plus cones, so you can set up mini dribbling and shooting drills.

Also great for playing small-sided and one-on-one games against mates in the back garden.