World Cup icons: Fabio Cannavaro fights through the media storm – and goes down in history (2006)

Fabio Cannavaro 2006

The press, crammed into the amphitheatre of Coverciano’s lecture hall, had one thing they wished to discuss with Fabio Cannavaro. The 2006 World Cup was a fortnight away, but Italy’s hopes were not what was on their minds.

The media had finally stumbled across the labyrinthine threads of a nefarious web of influence, spun by the Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi through the 400-odd phone calls he made every day. Into this s**tstorm, Cannavaro dumped some dismayingly ill-judged remarks. “I think the methods exposed by the phone-taps concern everyone, the whole of [Italian] football,” he claimed. “Only Moggi’s phone was under surveillance… other clubs were not tapped.”

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