17 November 2016
Just pick out the Americas’ greatest goal-grabbers in England’s top flight
14 November 2016
How quickly can you name them all? That is, if you *can* name them all...
7 November 2016
It's almost awards season, but can you remember the planet's leading footballers from the turn of the decade?
5 November 2016
Thirty-seven Spaniards feature in Premier League squads this season. You've got 10 minutes to name them all. Vamos!
1 November 2016
They knew where the net was, but their mantlepiece never got the shiny shoe
28 October 2016
Can you recall the most successful gaffers since 1992/93?
10 October 2016
See if you can name the 20 players from our latest picture teaser
27 September 2016
We've tested your knowledge of the Italian jobs – now it's time for this lot. Allez! 


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