23 September 2016
We've been remembering them all week – but have you been paying attention? 
21 September 2016
Controversial he may be, but which of these topics did Barton cover in his biog?
20 September 2016
This week we're celebrating foreign gaffers on FourFourTwo.com. Can you remember who the top flight has said "Ciao!" to over the years? 
13 September 2016
We're testing your memory before the teams have even kicked their first ball of this season's competition. G'won, have a crack...
8 September 2016
Things were very different where the Manchester derby was concerned
2 September 2016
Sam Allardyce recently picked 23 players for his first game in charge, but just over 15 years ago his predecessor went for a surprisingly large batch of 31…
23 August 2016
That wacky, unlicenced bunch are coming back to a pixellated screen near you. But while they've nabbed the rights to Arsenal and Liverpool, the rest of the Premier League and Championship are a little less official…
17 August 2016
West Ham will become the 10th Premier League team to do so when they make their Olympic Stadium bow on Sunday. So who are they joining? 
5 August 2016
You have two minutes to name the 15 last contests - can you do it?


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