Mourinho Chelsea
7 April 2020
There's a queue of expectant out-of-work managers itching to get on this list – but who will they be joining on it?
6 April 2020
How many of the Premier League's first XI - on paper at least - can you recall?
3 April 2020
Who's missed spot-kicks in the league, dating way back to 2016?
2 April 2020
While a couple of clubs have only had three different captains all decade, some have had the same number in the last two or three years
30 March 2020
They've not all been good - but can you name every team to compete in the greatest league on Earth?
27 March 2020
Money can't buy you happiness - but it could've got you any of these 30 stars in the past year
26 March 2020
How many heroes from 12-yard can you name? We're putting you on the spot (kick)
Premier League trophy
25 March 2020
Premier League players could be asked to accept deferred salary payments after the next meeting between top-flight officials, say reports.
Pep Guardiola
25 March 2020
The most powerful football clubs in England have banded together to try and stop Manchester City from playing in the Champions League, according to reports.
25 March 2020
Who played in the games that won titles? Apart from Agueroooooo...


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