1 May 2007
"Coming from Bath, I supported Manchester United"
"Where I was brought up, there wasn’t really much of a Morris dancing scene"
1 April 2006
"I got marked 8/10 on Teletext on my full debut for City – they gave me Man of the Match"
1 January 2006
"I just can't drive. If you ask me again in 10 years I still won't be driving..."
1 August 2005
"Ben Thatcher's just crazy – you have to keep on eye on him at all times"
"I gave a shout to the Southampton fans and when they cheered I just said ‘Do one’"
1 January 2005
"I like laughing. It's a laugh, isn't it?"
5 October 2004
"Roberto Carlos is deformed, isn't he? Two of my thighs stuck together would make one of his"
1 January 2004
"Of course I don't remember it, you bitch. Ha ha!"
24 August 2003
"Weller would love Celtic, he's into drinking"


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