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Allam issues Hull quit threat over name change

The Egyptian businessman has faced a backlash from fans after revealing his intention for the Premier League outfit to be known as Hull Tigers.

Allam will not allow the negative response to the proposed switch to deter him though, and warned he would sever ties with the club if the Football Association refuse to sanction the change.

He told Sky Sports News: "No-one on earth is allowed to question my business decisions - I won't allow it,

"And I'll give you my CV to give you comfort and show you what I have achieved.

"I'm here to save the club and manage the club for the benefit of the community - it will never, ever be the other way around - take it from me.

"But the community can say 'go away' and I will go within 24 hours."

The 74-year-old took control of Hull in December 2010 and provided the funds that helped the club return to the top flight.