Altidore teases Tigers with Twitter transfer

MIAMI - The days when the details of transfer negotiations were closely guarded secrets could be coming to an end with the advent of the 'Twitter transfer'.

On Wednesday, U.S. national team striker Jozy Altidore all but announced a move to English Premier League Hull City on the micro-blogging site, keeping his fans updated while Hull remained silent.

Altidore, who is owned by Spanish club Villarreal, alerted followers to a potential move on Tuesday when he informed them he would be up early on Wednesday morning for a flight to England.

"England early in the morning so I'm going to get some sleep I'll tweet all day tomorrow on my bb (blackberry) and let you guys know what's going on!" promised the striker.

Sure enough, Altidore 'tweeted' from the jet at the airport before take off: "England here I come!" and then teased those wondering which club he was meeting by noting there was heavy rain at the airport.

Altidore all but confirmed media reports that Hull was his destination by noting his first game of the season would be against Chelsea - Hull's opening game - and then announced a press conference would be held on Thursday.

"First match is against Chelsea subject to a work permit *wink* *wink* lol thanks for the support and love keep it coming," he wrote.

While Altidore's upbeat updates are unlikely to upset anyone, England striker Darren Bent apologised to Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy last month about comments on Twitter relating to his move to Sunderland.

Bent aimed an expletive at Levy and said, "Do I wanna go Hull City? NO. Do I wanna go Stoke? NO. Do I wanna go Sunderland? YES."

The forward's wish was finally granted on Wednesday when he completed a move from Spurs to Sunderland for an initial fee of 10 million pounds.

There was not a tweet out of Bent, though: his account was closed down after the dispute with Spurs.