Arsenal launch live PSP service

Sony Professional and Arsenal Football Club have announced the launch of Arsenal TV Matchday + allowing Gunners fans to watch live action and instant replays on their PSPs inside Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal fans will be able to download this service to their PSPs for the rest of the season for just £10.

The innovative product will give Gunners fans a new dimension to their matchday experience as Arsenal chief commercial officer, Tom Fox, looks to continuously improve the quality of viewing at Emirates Stadium.

“Since moving to Emirates Stadium we have remained focused on exploring ways to improve our fans’ matchday experiences. Through our ongoing partnership with Sony we have continued to introduce cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the Emirates Stadium remains one of the world’s leading sports venues,” he said.

Matchday + gives fans access to live action, slow motion replays from selected camera angles, team sheets, player profiles, league tables, match stats and interactive options such as the opportunity to vote for their Man of the Match.

Head of Sports Business for Sony Mark Griyner admitted that no form of technology will ever be able to exceed watching a sporting event live, but believes that this new product shows Sony’s commitment to improving the overall experience for all sports fans.

“No one is under any illusion that the live experience isn’t the ultimate way to watch sport," he said.

"What this new service offers is an even greater immersive experience, ensuring visitors get more out of their visit to the Emirates stadium. Sony is constantly looking at ways in which technology can benefit both the fan and the club."

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