Beckham frustrated by delays to Miami plans

As plans to create a Miami-based MLS franchise hit snags, former England captain David Beckham has been mildly frustrated by the delay, but expects an announcement in the near future.

Beckham confirmed in October 2013 that he was intending to set up an outfit in Miami, although he suffered a blow last year when plans for a 25,000-capacity stadium in the city were rejected.

"Miami obviously doesn't have a stadium at the moment and we've continued to work hard on that," Beckham said.

"We're making good progress, at some point in the next couple of months there'll be an announcement.

"It's hard work, but nothing in life is easy so we're focusing on that and we'll announce when we're ready.

"Delays are always frustrating, but to get something right there are delays. We will get it right and it will happen, but it's taking a little bit longer than we thought but it will happen."