Cabanas trains a year after shooting

ASUNCION - Former Paraguay striker Salvador Cabanas, shot in the head in a Mexico City bar a year ago, trained on Thursday with a first division team for the first since the incident.

Cabanas, who was a leading player with Mexico's America at the time and missed last year's World Cup in South Africa, turned out for practice with Paraguayan champions Libertad.

"It's an honour to have him with us. We want to do everything we can to help him in his recovery," Libertad's Uruguayan coach Gregorio Perez said, adding it would also be a motivating factor for his squad.

"We're prepared to have him with us daily... It's important for his recovery to participate," Perez told Primero de Marzo radio.

Cabanas was shot in an alleged argument over his form and that of America in the Mexican league. He survived the attack but still has the bullet lodged in his brain.

He was moved from a Mexico City hospital after a month to a Buenos Aires clinic where he stayed for several months' treatment before returning home to Paraguay.

The 30-year-old agreed financial terms for an end to his contract with America recently after drawn-out negotiations that went to the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Mexican authorities announced last month that they had captured Jose Jorge Balderas, who had been on the run and was suspected of the Cabanas shooting.