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Cagliari get green light to play Milan at home

The decision from the regional tribunal authority (TAR) comes after the Italian league on Thursday barred Cagliari from using the ground for security reasons.

The league made the decision after the Cagliari city government said it considered the Is Arenas stadium to be "unable to cope with the encounter due to the... influx of spectators who share an historic rivalry".

The match was rescheduled to take place in Turin, a decision that enraged the club's long-suffering fans and, according to media reports, caused Cagliari players to demand a meeting with Cagliari mayor Alessio Giuffrida.

"Finally I have hope in Italy. This decision is justice," Cagliari president Massimo Cellino was quoted as saying in Gazzetta Dello Sport.

"What has happened this year with our stadium is incredible and I hope that now it's all finished."

Cagliari, who are 16th in the 20-team Serie A standings four points above the relegation zone, have had trouble with the Is Arenas since moving in at the start of the season.

Their opening match against Atalanta was staged behind closed doors for safety reasons and the following game against AS Roma was cancelled by the city government after the Sardinian club defied its orders to play without supporters present.

Cellino had slammed the bureaucratic problems, declared the stadium safe and invited fans to turn up. Roma were later awarded a 3-0 walkover win.

After that the stadium was declared safe until the club faced Juventus in December when it was again deemed unfit to cope with the expected influx of fans and the match was held in Parma.

Cagliari played at the Stade Sant'Elia from 1970 until about halfway through last term but abandoned the ground due to disagreements with local authorities and growing safety worries.

They staged last season's remaining home games in Trieste, about 1,000 km from their base.