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Captain Gerrard insists he is not finished yet

The 34-year-old has been criticised for his performances this season as Liverpool have struggled with just two wins in six Premier League games.

Gerrard had appeared to put his side on track with a fine free-kick in the 65th minute, only for Phil Jagielka to equalise with a stunning half-volley late in Saturday's clash.

After one of his better showings this season, Gerrard said those who had written him off had spoken too soon.

"I'll agree with the constructive criticism and I've been stifled in a couple of games when people have followed me around and I haven't been able to shake them off," he said.

"But then some people take it too far and say 'He's 34, he can't run and he's finished'.

"I can still compete with the best players around. It's nice to remind people that although I'm 34, I can still run, I can still play and I can compete with the best players around."