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Deschamps calls for France response

In their first game of 2015, France went down to Brazil 3-1 despite taking the lead through Raphael Varane on Thursday.

Deschamps said the short turnaround gave his team an opportunity to respond to that display.

"There's no need to set the record straight. That's what international football is all about - be able to bounce after a bad performance," he said on Saturday.

"Sometimes it takes ages, in this case we’ve had three days.

"We won't play the same team but the Danish squad has lots of qualities. I've watched their last game against the US [which Denmark won 3-2] last Wednesday.

"A brand new game, against a brand new team with a different profile. That's our schedule. We still have the same goal. And it's not a short-term goal. We want to be the best we can."

Varane echoed Deschamps' thoughts, saying his team had discovered what needed improving throughout 2015.

"Brazil was on top form. They were better than us. We'll use this to improve," the Real Madrid defender said.

"I think we've all seen what needs to be worked on. We can improve in front and at the back. It's a good thing. It helps. Those friendly games are not pointless. They enable us to go forward."