Eric Cantona turns up late to own evening branded "a disgrace"

Most of ‘An Evening With Eric Cantona’ spent without Eric Cantona

Angry fans have demanded full refunds for an event that’s been labelled a "disgrace".

Ticket-holders complained that the former Manchester United forward appeared for only 45 minutes, and only halfway through the show at Bournemouth International Centre.

Before Cantona turned up, the audience was forced to sit through an unadvertised auction and a warm-up act which some deemed offensive. According to The Times,  "Almost 90 minutes into opening night and there was still no sign of him. 'Are you having fun?' the optimistic comic shouted. 'No!' came the bitter reply."

Event organisers A1 Sporting Speakers said only a "small minority" had complained. About 1,500 people attended the event, for which tickets ranged from £45 to £1,000.

To make matters worse, it is believed the show started 30 minutes late.

Even the eventual interview with the footballer-turned-actor was criticised, with attendees disliking poor questions from the host.

So overall, it sounded like a terrible evening - with or without Cantona.

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