Farina unhappy with beer bath against Adelaide

Frank Farina has called for better and more secure facilities at A-League venues after an incident saw beer thrown over the Sydney FC coach.

Sydney went 2-0 down inside the first half against Adelaide on Saturday and while some supporters took that as their cue to leave, others hung around to voice (and indeed show) their displeasure.

Farina was forced into the indignity of sitting through most of the first half sopping wet after one spectator threw a beer over him.

The man was forcibly removed by security and when asked about it, Farina was light-hearted about the incident, but said it highlighted an issue with security.

"He would have had go and buy another one obviously," Farina joked.

"I think it's just an issue with the benches. I've always said that the A-League have to improve that situation.

"The benches are terrible, and if something like that can happen, I think it highlights that they have to do something about that.

"Where in the world to you have just armchairs on the sideline?

"And it's not just about tonight. Players can have things thrown at them from the stands because a lot of the grounds are very close.

"Maybe the argument is that dugouts will stop people's view, well maybe you just have to give up a few rows to accommodate proper dugouts."

While not condoning the actions of the fans Farina said their frustration was understandable.

"It's a tough gig at Sydney. People have frustrations and I'm frustrated, that's the bottom line," Farina said.

"It's never nice, but I can't control that."

The A-League's glamour club have now produced just four points from the past six games with the 5-0 demolition of Melbourne Victory a fortnight ago now a distant memory.

The 3-0 loss to Adelaide leaves the club in sixth on the A-League table but it could leave them as low as eighth by the end of the weekend.

Asked about other fan anger such as the banners calling for his dismissal, Farina said his role was to focus on getting the best from his side.

"I'm not aware of all of it (fans behaviour). For me it's about concentrating on the game and what's at hand, things you can try and control.

"Those things are out if my control."

Farina was left to lament the host of chances that went begging as Adelaide were able to make the most of theirs.

"The second goal we gave away was from a corner kick of our own and to go two nil down at home is very relaxing for the opposition team.

"But again, I'm disappointed. If you're not going to score at home, you're going to struggle.

"It's as simple as that."