Ferguson voted most intimidating manager

As part of the ‘SureMen Maximum Protection Workplace Report', top HR Directors rated the United gaffer as a more intimidating interviewer than England manager Capello and Real Madrid boss Mourinho.

19 percent of those who were polled rated Ferguson as the most daunting face to come up against in an interview situation compared to just 2 percent who felt the Italian and Portuguese managers would be the hardest to impress.

And the sporting comparisons didn’t stop there, as 7 percent of people surveyed believed ex-England captain David Beckham would perform better in an interview situation than current England coach Capello, who got 4 percent of the vote.


Unsurprisingly, The Apprentice’s Lord Alan Sugar (28 percent) and Jeremy Paxman (27 percent) were revealed to be the toughest interviewers for a candidate.

James McQuillan, the Apprentice star who came face-to-face with Lord Alan Sugar in the interview room, said: “With job candidates more nervous than ever according to employers, it’s important for interviewees to come across as calm, in control and confident of their abilities in an interview.’’

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By Vaishali Bhardwaj

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