Galaxy to aid Beckham World Cup dream

LA Galaxy want David Beckham to fulfil his World Cup dream and are close to agreeing a loan deal with AC Milan, the head of the American club's owners AEG said on Thursday.

"We have a deep appreciation of what he is doing over here with his national team. I wanted him to know that we will support him so we are going to lend him out," chief executive Tim Leiweke told reporters at a Leaders in Football conference.

"We want to get it (a deal) done, for him and for us, because we have work to do over the next few weeks and I don't want any confusion."

England manager Fabio Capello has said the midfielder must return to a top European side to have any hope of making his squad for next year's World Cup finals in South Africa.

Beckham, 34, won back his international place during a successful loan period at Milan last season and is aiming to return to Milan's San Siro stadium in January.

He said last weekend that a deal was close to being finalised.

"David was probably saying a little bit more than he should but he is right, we're going to get something done and we're going to take care of him," said Leiweke.

"He's a class act, a great player and I'm proud of what he's doing with the national team.

"If David's not playing over here (in Europe) in January, he's not going to be on the national team during the World Cup. So we would be honoured to do that again if it helps David because we want to make sure he fulfils that dream."


Leiweke said the midfielder would not be required to return from Milan to Los Angeles before the World Cup in South Africa.

"We need to give him the right platform for the World Cup," he said.

Leiweke said the Galaxy could have five players at the tournament and Beckham was a great ambassador.

"I think if you ask us today would we do the David Beckham deal again, we'd do it 100 times over and he's the consummate athlete, he's been great for our sport," he added.

"As we sit here today tied for the lead in the Western Conference, I look at how well David has played...and his desire to win the championship to prove people wrong.

"David has brought attention to a league that needed attention, David has brought skill to a game and a league that needed skill, David has brought a passion and has taught our team a little bit about what this game is supposed to be at its highest level."