Guys prefer girls to wear football kit over lingerie

Men would prefer to see their partners wearing their favourite football team's shirt in the bedroom than sexy lingerie, a survey has revealed.

More than 1900 men were quizzed by, leading women’s celebrity fashion website, on their favourite female fashion turn-on in the bedroom.

And rather than kinky knickers or a Princess Leia costume, the most popular answer given was for their wife or girlfriend to sport their team's colours.

34 percent of men asked said they would prefer their partner to wear their favourite team’s football or rugby top in bed, with 23 percent opting for lingerie.

While 21 percent of the no-nonsense males asked replied 'nothing' with 16 percent saying they would plump for a fantasy role-play outfit.

“I think women everywhere always had a sneaking suspicion that blokes like their football or rugby team more than they should but to find out that they find women more attractive in bed when they are wearing a football or rugby top is maybe taking it a little too far,” said Jilly Tovey, Managing Director of MyCelebrityFashion.

“Not only do the results strike a blow for women’s wardrobes it also causes us at MyCelebrityFashion a huge headache as we don’t stock any football related sporting wear and have no plans to do so in the immediate future.”

Londoners finished behind their male counterparts from the North West in the wanting-to-see-their-missus-in-their-favourite-strip stakes.

However, the thought of their other-half sporting a football strip was not an idea that appealed north of the border.

Just 17 percent of men quizzed in Scotland were keen on the idea, with Scottish chaps far more in favour of their women being in the buff.

Full list of favourite bed-time attire by region:

Scotland: 48% nothing at all in bed.
North East England: 49% football shirts in bed
North West England: 53% football shirts in bed
Midlands: 46% football shirts in bed
East England: 42% sexy lingerie in bed
West England: 51% football shirts in bed
South West England: 42% rugby shirts in bed
South East England: 39% sexy lingerie in bed
Wales: 51% rugby shirts in bed.