Inter fans blast Thohir, Moratti over Guarin

The Colombia international is thought to be close to a move to the Serie A champions, with striker Mirko Vucinic set to come the other way.

Erick Thohir replaced Massimo Moratti as president earlier this season, having acquired a 70 per cent stake in the club, but has rarely been seen in Milan as he manages his business interests from his base in Indonesia.

And the Curva Nord supporters' group have demanded Thohir be more of a presence at San Siro, while also blasting a lack of ambition in the club as they prepare to allow one of their top performers this season to move to a rival.

A statement read: "The swap, that is becoming a reality, which involves one of Inter's most important players to another Italian club is the drop to cause the cup to overflow.

"If you haven't changed the ways to do things, we at least expected that the same mistakes shouldn't be repeated and that changes would be made with everyone that has power in the club.

"We have had enough of the many rotten apples inside Inter. What we ask ourselves is, do we have a president?

"During all of these months of negotiations, what has he seen?

"Only through Moratti's eyes or has he analysed the club, with its infinite problems and ass kissers to understand who deserve a place and who doesn't?

"It's nothing we'd wish for, but you are seconds from going from Superman to Super-loser.

"We have already thrown away one year (if not more) because of the "strategies" of this club.

"This is becoming the second, is there a third, fourth and fifth we should expect?

"For Thohir we suggest he forgets baseball, American football, NBA and other realities that are far from ours.

"We'd rather see less smiles. We'd rather hear the word business less. We want concrete actions.

"Either he is here more, finds a way to be here: Understands, intercepts, looks and acts.

"And understand that all we write isn't b*******, otherwise we warmly invite him to stay at home."

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