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Jerome alleges racial abuse against Leeds

Jerome complained to referee Mark Clattenburg at Carrow Road about a comment made by Leeds' Italian defender Giuseppe Bellusci in the first half.

Clattenburg halted play to alert Norwich coach Neil Adams and Leeds counterpart Darko Milanic before allowing the game to continue.

After the match, Adams confirmed the incident and said both players provided Clattenburg with statements.

"Cameron has alleged that a racist remark was made on the pitch, which is why he was reacting as he was," Adams said.

"Bellusci is the player who has been alleged to have made the remark. My concern was to speak to Cameron at the break to make sure his head was right.

"I think Mark Clattenburg dealt with it well because of obviously the nature of what happened. He came over and explained to Darko and myself what I’m saying to you now; that he'd gone over to Cameron, Cameron had said to the referee a racist remark had been made, and that's why he came over and explained.

"He spoke to the players involved at half-time with a representative from each of the clubs, I think he's taken statements after the game and obviously the referee will submit a report to the FA and obviously we'll all take it from there."

Milanic said he was unaware of the incident and he had not spoken to Bellusci, who was recruited from Catania at the start of the season.

"It's difficult for me to comment because I didn't hear nothing," he said. "The referee was also away from this moment.

"I didn't speak with him after the match. I'm used to not staying in the dressing room after the game.

"I'm sure that somebody will make a statement, yes."