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Liverpool vs Real Madrid: Champions League final kick-off delayed

The big screen at the Stade de France announces a delay in the kick-off to the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid.
(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Paris has been delayed due to stadium access issues at the Stade de France.

Thousands of fans were still waiting to get into the ground moments before the match was due to start and kick-off was therefore delayed by 15 minutes.

A message on the big screens at the Stade de France said: "Due to the late arrival of fans, the match has been delayed.

"Further information will follow in 15 minutes maximum."

It was later announced that the match would not start for a further 15 minutes as fans continued to wait outside.

But while the big screen pointed the blame at the fans, many on social media claimed it had been impossible to get in despite arriving early.

"Finding it impossible to get in the ground," Gary Lineker wrote on Twitter. "This appears to be very dangerous. Absolute carnage."

And he added: "I’m not sure it’s possible to have a more poorly organised event if you tried. Absolutely shambolic and dangerous."

The former England striker also dismissed the idea that the fans were to blame.

"They’ve just announced another 15 minute delay “because of the late arrival of fans"," he wrote. "Utter bullshit."

The delay also forced the opening ceremony to be put back, with singer Camila Cabello eventually out to perform just before 21:25 CET (20:25 UK).

Players from both teams were out on the pitch around 33 minutes after the match was due to start, with the fixture finally underway at 21:37 local time.

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Ben Hayward is Weekend Editor for FourFourTwo. A European football writer with over 15 years’ experience, he has covered games all over the world - including three World Cups, several Champions League finals, Euros, Copa América - and has spent much of that time in Spain. He currently divides his time between Barcelona and London.