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Macclesfield winding-up petition is adjourned

A winding-up petition lodged against Sky Bet League Two side Macclesfield by a group of former players has been dismissed by the High Court and taken over by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The case involved the non-payment of Shamir Mullings, Elliott Durrell, Rhys Taylor, Jamie Grimes, Ryan Lloyd and Keith Lowe.

HMRC has now become the petitioning creditor and the case has been adjourned until September 11, by which time the club claim “the matter will be resolved”.

Macclesfield released a statement taking “full accountability” for salaries not being paid in full and for the late payment of wages, but added that at times “this simply was not possible due to a variety of factors”.

The statement added: “Despite the fact that we experienced many challenges at the end of the last campaign, we always strived to do our best – both for all our staff and also for the club as a whole.

“In this regard, it was disappointing that the aforementioned players did not progress their concerns through the normal channels (e.g. the PFA) and instead decided to try and close down our 145-year-old club up through the courts.

“We would like to think that the players in question did not fully appreciate the severity of their actions, as there is no doubt that the repercussions from it could well have been devastating for everybody who loves Macclesfield Town Football Club.

“We are clearly delighted that this has now been satisfied.”